There are certain subjects and stories which have a great effect on the audience. The individuals listening will never realize it coming. Anyway, there is a feature or report on the TV which may strike a chord in the audience and arouse an emotional response. I have encountered such incidents when I am listening to other reports.

In this clip, we see a newscaster who was really touched while he was reporting about the effect of music in retirement homes. This anchor was touched by the story and he realized that the subject was involving him. He was really moved until he shed tears.

The story is about Rosemary Bauer, who is just shy of her 100th birthday. She loves to listen to the jazz music the music therapy technician plays, and she tells him it reminds her of when she met her husband.

It’s a touching story that not only pulled at the heartstrings of viewers at home, but made this TV anchor shed tears while on set. Watch the video and see exactly why this TV anchor breaks down during this news program.

His own personal reasons will bring you to tears, too. I was touched when I saw this video.

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