An Olympic gymnast, Chellsie Memmel, recently came out of her 9-year retirement to compete in the U.S. Classic, despite nearing her 33rd birthday and having two children.

Memmel expressed her overwhelming happiness about her performance at the competition, stating that she was happy to even have the opportunity to try again, put on a leo, and register for a competition. Though she would have liked to perform better on the balance beam, Memmel was proud of everything she accomplished and refused to hold back her joy.

Memmel’s return to the sport of gymnastics was met with positive reactions from fans, fellow gymnasts, and friends, including Nastia Liukin, who expressed pride in Memmel for inspiring every generation and showing that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing one’s true love and passion for the sport.

Leading up to the U.S. Classic, Memmel posted a video of herself practicing in the gym on her Twitter account, showcasing her talent and the progress she made in her training. Despite feeling nervous, Memmel provided an incredible performance at the competition, inspiring other gymnasts to return to the sport or pursue their passion without fear. Memmel is a talented athlete with a positive attitude, and her story is one of inspiration and perseverance.


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