When a little one started developing some problems in standing and walking, the Lewis family of Oregon was shocked. They had no idea what was troubling little Evelyn. Lantz and Amanda Lewis decided to take some videos of her and share with family members with hopes that someone would have an idea. No one did.

The baby girl was getting weaker by the hour. They had to do something. They rushed her to the hospital, and thank goodness, they were seen by a doctor shortly after. The kid was rushed to the emergency room. And then another lucky star!

Turns out, the doctor attending to Evelyn was familiar with such cases. The doctor suspected a tick to be behind Evelyn’s woes, so the staff set about combing the girl’s hair looking to the little nasty creature. They found it!

The condition is described as tick paralysis, where a tick lodged in a kid’s head can render them immobile. It can be severe as to cause death. But Evelyn survived, all thanks to the parent’s fast reaction and the doctor’s quick diagnosis.

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