Many duties and challenges come with raising a child. Parents have always to be careful when around kids, as these ones are quick to pick up on things that are going on around them. They will remember them and repeat them. Watch the video below to understand what we’re trying to say.

Levi Marlow is 19-month-old boy from North Carolina, and he is the son of a preacher. You’ll see Levi get up and copy his dad by giving his first sermon ever!

Levi isn’t able yet to speack clearly, but he is completely ready to give a sermon after watching his dad Pastor Ryan Marlow doing it. In the video, Levi is walking around in front of the church making all kinds of gestures, showing that he is very passionate about what he is saying. It’s clear that he has quite a career of preaching ahead of him, should he choose to pursue it!

Video of Levi’s sermon has quickly gone viral, being viewed over 17,000 times!

“Levi just hopped onto the platform before service began, and started doing what he sees his daddy do: preach,” Ryan wrote in the video description. “He’s 19-months old and only babbles in baby talk. This time it seems he had something important to say!”

The passion and energy Levi displayed in his adorable sermon makes it a joy to watch. His parents must be so proud of their adorable little son!

Check out Levi’s sermon for yourself in the video below.

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