Pink invites her Vietnam veteran father on stage, bring house down with emotional duet

I am sure that everyone in this world loves listening to music. Even though there are very many genres, each one of us has that type and specific music which carries us away. It has been proved that music does a lot to us when we listen to it. For instance, it sooths us when we are moody, stressed up, or ignites us to a melancholic state.

In the clip below, we happen to listen to a father and daughter performing a duet on stage for the first time. The daughter, Alecia Beth Moore, famously known as Pink, is seen on stage ready to perform. But before that, she gives a brief history of herself. She said that was because of her father, she became a rock star.

The song they both interpret on stage was written by her dad, Jim Moore, some forty years ago when he was in Vietnam as a soldier. What makes the performance very important for Pink is that it was the very first time her dad sang on stage in front of a group.

Watch the clip below to see the incredible performance of daughter and dad. Listen carefully to the words of the song. Did you love it? Let us know by commenting below. Please SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook!

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