Pandas are notorious and difficult animals. As adorable as they may appear, they are known for their stubbornness. They get what they want.

The Panda Cheese commercial uses a humorous approach to show these stereotypes. The Panda Cheese is an Egyptian cheese brand that has created a hilarious commercial. The commercial’s slogan “Never Say No To Panda”.

In the commercial, everyone who refuses to take the Panda Cheese faces the Panda’s wrath. One man offers his friend a sandwich containing the cheese, and the man says he is not hungry. The angry Panda ruins his work station.

In another scenario, a chef declines to use the Panda cheese in his meals. The angry Panda shows up and ruins his perfectly presented meal.

A man and his son are shopping when the boy suggests they pick the Panda cheese. Dad says they already have enough only for the angry panda to show up. He ruins their shopping spree.

Although the ad shows you the dark side of the pandas, you will laugh your heart out. Watch the hilarious commercial and let us know what you think.

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