Dr. Philip Craft is a plastic surgeon. He met his wife in 1995 and Philip was studying medicine at the time.  Philip and Anna, his wife, met at a gift shop.

The couple later got married and started a family. Philip always expressed his interest in giving his wife cosmetic surgery. Anna was reluctant at first and did not feel the need. However, following the birth of their second son in 2005, Anna did not feel comfortable in her skin.

Anna did not love her post-baby belly and lost her sense of beauty. Anna helped husband at his clinic and admired the beautiful women in their 60’s; thanks to Philip’s handwork. Anna gave her husband’s interest a second thought at last.

Philip started “redesigning” his wife. 11 years later, Anna has undergone several cosmetic procedures including a breast augmentation, butt enhancement, tummy tuck, and liposuction among other procedures.  Anna got the body she always dreamt of; all thanks to her surgeon husband.

As we speak, Anna is the in-house model for Philip’s patients.

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