Ethics seems to have diminished over the years, especially in the context of the consumer-business relationship. Many customers are rude not only to employees, but also to real business owners.

They have this feeling that the customer is always right even if they act like fools. Things like civility and public morality are often invisible in such situations. Austin business owner Sims of Roanoke Virginia returned the mansion to business transactions. Use a strategy based on how customers treat cashiers and servers.

“I’ve decided, because I have to resolve all the grievances in the world, to start charging more people who haven’t taken the time to say hello and reach out and realize that we’re all behind the table. “, Austin told WDBJ7.

We will discuss its coffee prices as an example. Its new label listed the cost of the coffee as $5. So if the customer went to the person and just said, “Little coffee,” they would have to pay $5 for that little coffee. The price of a “small coffee please” has been reduced to $3.

In other words, a nice bonus when ordering a small coffee will lower the price by $2. Coffee is only $1.75 if the person says, “Hey. A little cup of coffee, please.” So you can see that the methods that showed the most morality got the biggest discounts.

The new strategy did not fail. It worked well. Many customers came and used their label. It’s a good thing even if they do it for a discounted coffee.

The more you do something, the more you get used to it. So this little strategy your employer uses can actually make a lot of people nicer all the time.

The label he made on the cafe ended up going viral.
When someone asked the trader for a comment on his strategy, he said he decided to solve the world’s grievances by starting with the small things.

He wanted to start charging people more when they didn’t take the time to greet others and connect as human beings. We can probably expect this store owner to do more things to encourage people to use manners, kindness and kindness

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