Jeff Harnar was waiting to pack his bags with his fiancée Kelly’s birthday present. According to FOX4, he received a notification that the box had been delivered. Unfortunately, he didn’t see the chest in that particular area.

Luckily, Jeff had a surveillance system that allowed him to get footage showing the thief fleeing with the pack. The thief was a woman wearing white pants, a black tank top and black flip flops.

She was also accompanied by a man who immediately started to turn away when he realized what she was about to do.

Unfortunately, Jeff didn’t know who this person was. He felt so helpless that his girlfriend’s birthday might actually be ruined by someone else’s mean act. Then something amazing happened.

Jeff posted the video on social media and several people stepped in to help find the thief. Many of her classmates said they went to school with her.

This allowed them to give Jeff a name and other details that would help him properly return the gifts to his girlfriend.

It also made it easier for the police. When they were able to talk to Jeff about the situation, he was able to give them his name. This allowed the police to find gifts and handcuff them.

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