He Pressed Record & Started Dancing – But He Had No Idea 41 Million People Will Love Him For It

Growing up, Parov Stelar from Canada had a special interest in karate, but no one even suspected that this seemingly lame passion could so quickly turn all eyes on him. Not even he could figure that. That’s until this good guy got a new camera from his dad and decided to test it. For that, he went down to the basement and produced something that’s now threatening to burst the internet!

Turns out, Parov’s real passion is dancing, and he figured that a little bit of knowledge in martial arts could help turn that up. When he set down the camera and began pulling some crazily astonishing moves, he didn’t expect 41 million people to fall for it. Well, they did!

Parov has posted over 150 videos on YouTube and gained quite a following. His viewership tops 100 million, and that tells you just how loved this man is. You definitely want to see this special video that seems to caress everyone’s spirit.

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