In an interview with Today Parents, Driskell expressed his frustration with using the 6-seat stroller, deeming it too cumbersome for outings. “It was just too bulky and impractical to take anywhere,” the quintuplet dad remarked. Transitioning to using a leash, he noted that it granted his children more freedom to roam.

“They also prefer walking when we’re in crowded places,” the father explained. “A leash allows them to do so while we maintain control. They really enjoy it,” Driskell added.

Acknowledging the benefits, Driskell admitted that using the leash afforded the family greater freedom. “For our peace of mind and sanity, we opt for a leash. It enables us to venture out and enjoy activities as a family without feeling stressed,” he shared.

Accompanying his sentiments was a social media post reading, “Come walk a mile in my shoes #dadsofinstagram #fatherhood #DadSquad #moms #momsofinstagram #viralreels #motherhood #kids #Parents #parenting #parenthood #DriskellQuints”.

While some critics disapproved of Driskell’s decision to utilize a leash, arguing, “They are humans not dogs,” and questioning his ability to discipline his children, others supported the family’s switch from stroller to leash. Driskell’s post garnered nearly 7000 comments, with one Instagram user commending, “There’s nothing wrong with this; I think it’s brilliant. I always used a baby harness with reins on my two, so they were always by my side ❤️👏 x”.

Similarly, another individual endorsed the decision, stating, “Better safe than sorry. If I had that many, I would do the same. Rock on!!! ❤️”. An internet user commended Driskell’s responsible parenting, particularly with a large family, commenting, “With 5 kids, you need that 👏 responsible parenting right here”.

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