Sometimes, a random act of kindness can turn an awful day into a great opportunity. Jhaqueil Reagan was walking through ice and snow to a job interview when he realized there were still people willing to help out.

It was a cold winter day, but Jhaqueil couldn’t afford the bus to his job interview at Dairy Queen. He decided to take a walk through the frozen streets of his city, although it was quite far from his house. On the way, he stopped to ask for directions.

Art Bouvier, the owner of Papa Roux, a restaurant in Indianapolis, was laying rock salt outside the restaurant when Jhaqueil approached him and asked him how far it was to 10th and Sherman. He was taken aback by his question.

“And I’m thinking we’re at 10th and Post. I said, ‘Buddy that’s probably six, seven miles.’ I said, ‘You’d be better off on a bus especially in this weather.’ He just said, ‘Okay, thank you.’ And he kept going,”says Bouvier.

Some twenty minutes later, while driving, Bouvier saw the same teenage boy, still walking by the side of the road. He instantly pulled over and offered him a ride. Jhaqueil was thrilled. As they drove to their destination, Bouvier learned that Jhaqueil didn’t have money for the bus fare, so he walked all the way from the other side of the town.
“I’m thinking to myself, here’s a kid walking almost 10 miles in the ice and slush and snow for the hope of a job at minimum wage. That’s the kind of story your parents used to tell, my parents used to tell,”he said.

Impressed by the teen’s determination, Bouvier offered him a position at his own restaurant, Papa Roux. Jhaqueil couldn’t believe it.
“I’m lucky I met him. It’s crazy. I don’t even know. It’s really crazy. My heart’s just racing right now. I’m just too excited, just excited to start,” explained Jhaqueil.

Inspired, Bouvier posted this story on Facebook, and it quickly went viral. It’s been shared more than 12,000 times, and many people commented, in support of Jhaqueil, and praising Bouvier’s empathy and willingness to lend a helping hand to a perfect stranger. World’s best boss, right?

Watch the video below for the whole story:

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