Retiring cop makes final sign-off call – breaks down in tears hearing a familiar voice on the radio

The Salem City police force will forever miss Sgt Douglas Hogate Sr. Douglas served in the city police for a cool 28 years before his final day came. He was retiring!

As is the norm, he had to work through his last day and then report a Code 3 signaling his close of day. But this one day was a special one. It was his last day in the Salem City Police force. Well, what he didn’t know was that his own son had planned something behind his back!

So Douglas goes to work as usual and lives through the working houses to the 1800hr when he is to send his final code 3. The moment he does that? Something happens and he breaks down in tears!

It’s his own son! Turns out, Douglas’s son, Hogate Jr. was a dispatcher with the same police force. What Hogate Jr didn’t know was that it would be his own son receiving his final code 3 and sending him the final wishes in the hour of his retirement. And he did it over the police radio!

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