Ringo Starr, the renowned Beatles drummer, has been a style icon for over six decades, according to GQ Magazine. His fashion sense has gone through significant changes, from sharp outfits in the 1960s to a more flamboyant style in the 1970s.

One of the key features of Starr’s style is his penchant for pinstriped trousers, which he wore even in the hot summer sun. This formal attire became one of the Beatles’ signature looks for both casual and formal events. Paired with the trousers were sharp collars, not only on suits but also on casual shirts. Starr often wore them with a slick black tie.

Starr was also a pioneer of adding layers to his outfits, starting with squared eyeglasses that became part of his overall ensemble in the 1970s.

Meanwhile, Inside Hook notes that turtlenecks are another signature of the drummer. This look is often paired with corduroy trousers, an alternative to his usual pinstripe trousers.

Prints have also played a significant role in Starr’s fashion sense, with polka dots being a favorite. His flamboyance is evident through his patterns, making it a “winning recipe” for a confident and unique style.

After four decades, Starr’s unique sense of style remains relevant up to the present day.

His style continues to inspire many, and his influence can be seen in the fashion choices of men around the world. With his lasting impact, Ringo Starr will always be remembered as a fashion icon.

Last August 2022, Ringo Starr was spotted leaving a shopping mall in Malibu, Los Angeles wearing an outfit that was unique compared to his usual rockstar and formal wear. The Beatles drummer, who is now in his eighties, showed that age is just a number with his youthful and hip fashion sense.

According to the Daily Mail, Starr celebrated his 82nd birthday with his wife, Barbara Bach, at his annual Peace and Love bash at Beverly Hills Garden Park. During the celebration, he was seen wearing another staple of his early 70s style, a sharp-collared white denim jacket paired with a plain turtleneck, tape belt, and a gold chain bracelet.

However, what surprised everyone was Starr’s outfit during the August supermarket trip, which some described as “tacky,” while others appreciated his bold sense of style. He wore an insect-printed bandana and a black and white printed polo, paired with a neon-green lined tracksuit and white, blue, and red sneakers.

Although trends come and go, Ringo Starr’s signature confidence and charisma have made him a fashion icon throughout the decades. His artistry and sense of style continue to inspire and influence many people today.

Barbara Bach, on the other hand, opted for a sporty look with a floaty black blouse, black skinny jeans, and white sneakers. The couple’s contrasting styles only further demonstrate their individuality and uniqueness.

In conclusion, Ringo Starr’s fashion sense continues to make waves even in his eighties. His fearless approach to style is a reminder that fashion is a form of self-expression, and age should never hinder one’s creativity and individuality.


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