At the beginning of the video, we hear a man attracting the attention of another passerby. Comment on something moving underwater. The photographer traces the bubbles that begin to appear from the ocean.

In the video, the man says “He’s here now…he’s coming over here man.”
Although viewers are unsure who this man is referring to, the footage immediately clarifies any doubts.

Moments after bubbles appear on the surface of the water, a huge Alaskan humpback whale emerges from the water. The huge whale is only a few meters from the bridge and the photographer. The whale’s mouth opens wide when it comes out of the water.

This feeding technique is called “bubble netting”. Humpback whales send rings of bubbles to the surface. Oxygen bubbles trap and confuse prey. Once the bubbles are released, the whales simply need to stand upright with their mouths open.

The humpback whale disappeared as quickly as it emerged from the depths of the ocean.

A woman could be heard singing with excitement and awe at this scene. The video immediately attracted a lot of attention on social media.

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