School is cancelled due to snow storm – then principal hits record and video goes quickly viral

To be a principal of a school means that you carry a great responsability on your shoulder. Listening to teachers complaining about busy schedules or misbehaving students, dealing with students issues. This job requires a lot of patience and nerves to deal with all these things. One principal decided he needs a lone time at the school building so he took the chance when the school was cancelled due to a snow storm. Principal Sean Martin swtiched on his camera and got ready to paint the town red.

He sang in the cafeteria, shot hoops in the gym and even performed a quite interesting dancing routine in the halls. He knew the video would make his fellow colleagues laugh, although the janitor didn’t find Martin’s antics amusing and decided to chastise him.

Martin didn’t plan on the students watching him goofing around, but the video somehow ended in their hands. Needless to say, they all agreed their principal is a cool guy who knows how to have fun. 

Martin told The Baltimore Sun:

“I figured people are starting to feel a little stir crazy, and I thought our staff and community would appreciate a lighthearted perspective about what goes on in school during snow days.”

Watch what happens in the school after children leave in the video below:

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