School officer Interrupts students cheering during football game — his next move has entire crowd in uproar

School resource officers (SROs)’ main missions are to ensure a safer learning environment, provide valuable resources to school staff, teachers and youth to prevent and solve problems within the school and community and foster positive relationships between youth and police officers. However, not all students are interested in making a good relationship with local cops. In fact, some of them would even cause a chaos when the school resource officer comes around.


An Appleton police officer gave students at a high school football game a bit of a show Friday night, a video posted by the department shows.

When SRO Jack Taschner went up to the student section during the game, and it appeared they might get in trouble. Some of the kids were less than excited. The rest were sitting not doing much, as we would hope, but all of them had no clue what he was up to. They were just having some innocent fun cheering for their team.


What happened next was a total surprise.
As Officer Taschner approached the bleachers where the students were doing a coordinated cheer, the crowd immediately quieted. Then Taschner walked up to the cheering leader in the front and started speaking to him privately, others students began to boo in a good-natured way.
Then no one could believe what they were seeing! Taschner did something so outlandish that the fans and others attending the game were looking in disbelief!

Watch the officer’s crazy antics in the stands in the video below. It’s nuts what he did!

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