Senior on her 85th birthday wishes only to sit down on snow. Family captures footage impossible to forget

Despite the cold, most people enjoy the beautiful scenery when the snow falls and covers all the surface. Everyone from little kids to elderly people can’t get enough of the magical winter wonderland that happens only once a year. Whether it’s only a peaceful walking among the falling flakes or a fun sledding session down a hill.

This senior citizen for example, proves us all that no matter how old are you, you can still enjoy the snow. Thankfully, someone of her family who was there caught her cute antics on camera for us to enjoy this adorable moment.

On her birthday day, this 85-year-old had one wish to ask her family that quickly went viral. Instead of celebrating together at home with a delicious cake laden with candles and a party with all her family, friends gathered, this sweet lady wanted something completely different.

She wanted to go back to her younger self when she used to go out and enjoy crazily the snow like a kid. Her family members instantly and happily agreed to make her wish come true

She wore her coat and was gently taken outside into the wintery weather. Her daughter and son-in-low supporting her by both sides walked with her holding her arms.

Then, they carefully lowered her to sit on the snow-covered ground. Their beloved senior couldn’t stop giggling. She was absolutely happy to do what she really wanted to do on this special day.

Even her daughter joined her in the fun and flopped down on the ground by her mom’s side. The best part is when the senior told her family to “Get out of the way!”

You have to see this cute and spunky senior enjoy her special birthday treat on a wintery day in the video below. It’s simply endearing.

Bless her heart for engaging in a youthful activity reminiscent of a simpler time and what a wonderful thing her family did for her. Happy birthday!

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