Shy little boy takes the stage – performs emotional Queen’s classic rendition that has both judges & audience in tears

Alex Pirvu, a 10-year-old boy who wasn’t afraid to stand in front of the judges and audience of TV show “Next Star”.

Of course, anyone would be nervous when taking such important stage. But it didn’t take much time for this young boy to get rid of his stress.

Alex chose to perform one of Freddie Mercury’s hit songs in front of a big audience who only expect to see good talents. At that little age, this is not easy at all!

But moment “Show Must Go On” tune started playing on the background, Alex is able to relax, his readiness just show that he’s about to deliver one amazing performance!

And oh boy! No one expected such big voice would come out of a small body!

The judges couldn’t hide their surprise when the 10 year old began to sing.

Sometimes it’s strange how the biggest voices can come from such small bodies! They can’t believe their ears – and they’re not the only ones!

Take a peak at this little boy’s incredible performance in the video below. What a great talent!

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