Your older sibling’s wedding is one of the most thrilling events when you’re just a kid! Big brother or sister is to you a hero and your life becomes full of joy when you see them happy.

Savannah witnessed one of the most special days in her old sister’s life so she decided to give her the best toast ever! She spent weeks practicing in front of the mirror to surprise her sister, the groom and the guests. Savannah was so confident about her toast she asked the guests to get their cameras ready – this was something they’d want to remember forever. Fortunately, someone posted her speech online and now we can all watch her stunning verbal skills!


After gathering her courage and overcoming her stress, Savannah dove right into a wedding-themed rap set to the tune of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Savannah talked about how Christina was an only child until she was 16, but was excited when Savannah was born!

“She was an only child for a lot of those days. She spent those days high on the throne but without siblings, she was all alone,” Savannah rapped. “All alone until the age of 16 then I was born and became the queen.”

She also touched on how Christina was a role model growing up and how devastated Savannah was when her sister left for college.

“With Christina as my big sis, I was lucky as can be,” she continues. “She was a great role model and expanding my vocabulary.”

Her creative lyrics made it easy to tell that Savannah really looked up to her big sister and wanted her to be around all the time!

The audience rolled in laughter as she pressed on. She had the audience captivated!


At the end of her speech, Savannah explained that Christina and her groom are building a life just a few minutes away from Savannah and she couldn’t be happier!

“So it’s time to give a toast to my sis and new brother lets raise our glass to a couple that really love each other,” she finished.

Listen to her adorable speech and rap for yourself in the video below. She knocked the Maid of Honor speech out of the park!

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