Siblings make the first friends when growing up. After all, they do everything together. However, when a child has a physical and intellectual disability, the family has to make an adjustment. Certain things change, and the family learns the best way to deal with and handle the new addition.

Sadly, the society will always judge and assume the person with the disability cannot do much.

Unknown to most people, people with disabilities are the most gifted and brightest. The family knows that, but those who have not interacted with them have a different opinion.

Leah Kirwan is an aspiring 17-year old with a brother named Noah. Young Noah has Down syndrome, but that does not stop the siblings from loving one another. The little boy brightens every room he enters.

Leah has a special way of showing her love to her disabled brother. She wrote a song and recorded herself singing. Well, it appears Noah loves the song since he joins in.

The lyrics of the song are powerful. Leah promises her brother to be there for him no matter the troubles in his path. Watch the priceless video below:

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