Kailyn Donovan, a five-year-old girl, spent her day playing outside. When the little girl came back to the house, her mom, Kristine, noticed she had a little bruise on her knee.  Kristine did not give it much thought and hoped it would go away.

Kristine and her husband received a call from school that their daughter had a fever. The couple took Kailyn to the pediatrician. She was given antibiotics to treat what the doctor assumed was a spider bite.

However, the little girl showed no improvement. Her worried parents decided to take her to a medical center for a second opinion.

They discovered that a black widow spider was responsible for their daughter’s bruise. What had appeared like a bruise-like discoloration on Kailyn’s knee was caused by the venom of the spider.

The parents do not understand how one would find the black widow spider in Massachusetts. They are warning other parents not to underestimate such minor bruises or accidents in future.

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