As the routine progressed, the music transitioned to a more suspenseful tone. In a dramatic scene, Lucy retrieved a small toy grenade from a pouch on her pants and threw it. Without hesitation, Deril sprinted after it. However, a simulated explosion followed, and Lucy fell to the stage, mimicking a casualty of the blast.

What happened next was truly remarkable. Deril’s response resembled that of a human rather than an animal. He rushed to Lucy’s side and attempted to perform CPR, desperately trying to revive his fallen owner. The crowd, enthralled by the duo’s performance, watched with bated breath, eagerly anticipating the outcome.

With a combination of chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Deril showcased his incredible instincts and ability to execute lifesaving techniques to the best of his dog’s abilities. The level of devotion and care he exhibited was both heartwarming and astonishing. It was a testament to the deep bond between the soldier and his canine companion.

Following this gripping scene, the performance reached its conclusion as Lucy regained consciousness. Without delay, Deril rushed to bring her a blanket, tenderly draping it around her shoulders. They then saluted the captivated audience before concluding their remarkable performance

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