The United States Navy Band is one of the world’s finest military bands since 1952. The band performs at government ceremonies, such as state funerals and dinners, presidential inaugurations, and other events.

One of their spectacular performances is the December-held annual concerts. Besides showing their amazing talents, it helps them loosen up a bit.

The band’s annual performance is highly anticipated as their family-friendly show attracts people of all ages. They perform a wide range of music ranging from the classical to country and rock music.

With over 200 enlisted musicians and officers, the band had a special performance for the holiday concert. The event was held at the Constitutional Hall and everyone was ready for their White Christmas performance.

The tickets sold out in advance. For those who missed the admission ticket, they were lucky enough to watch the video online.

The soldiers usually wear formal outfits, but for this particular show the band wore sunglasses and colorful scarves.

The band’s exhilarating performance astounded everyone in performance. The soldiers showed their fun and playful side. Watch the “White Christmas” below and enjoy the festive performance.

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