Having to board a flight can be a little scary, given that some people have a fear of extreme heights and planes. But everyone knows that plane accidents are actually very rare as compared to cars and other modes of transport. In fact, passengers in every flight are always briefed on all safety precautions before a plane glides off the runway.

Such was the case of this one unique Flight 1597 of the Southwestern Airways in its way from Dallas to Las Vegas. Well, you might want to buckle up for an explosive safety demonstration session with flight attendant Nicholas Demore. This guy had everyone cracking up like kids!

Nicholas happens to possess his own unique sense of humor that lets him do his job in a rather sassy and overly hilarious manner. In this video, you hear the security personnel speaking about the safety measures in place and how the passenger should use them, and then Nicholas is tasked with demonstrating it.  Watch him slide his hands up and down and move around in sexy maneuvers that got everyone’s attention. You can bet everyone listened all through!

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