People who know anything about music will agree that a great majority of the audience will always love duets. They even fall harder when the setting involves two people of different genders.  I mean, what’s better than a male and female taking on a song and taking turns to wow the audience with the base and soprano in alternation? You would feel it too!

Well, there’s this popular song, “The Prayer,” that seems to come out all too well when performed in a duet. In fact, Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli set a trend when they did it together. This time around, a Philipino is making big waves – and he’s all alone!

Mercelito Pomoy is a great singer by all measures. To showcase his loveable talent, he entered Philippine’s Got Talent and decided to come all “armed to the teeth.” This guy has charisma and a voice to back it up. He doesn’t need a partner to perform “The Prayer,” because he already has two voices to do the job!

This is just awesome! Watch as he sings and switches between the voices to make a one-man duet.

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