He stopped cutting his hair when his mom died of cancer. Now his wife can’t even recognize him

16 years ago, Kevin lost his mom to cancer and made a decision not to cut his hair. Kevin would donate his hair to Locks of Love. It is a charity organization that gives hair to patients following medical producers that cause hair loss. Kevin donated his hair several times, but he looked unkempt and ragged.

Rachael Ray and Stacy London got wind of Kevin’s story and had an irresistible offer for him. Kevin agreed to a complete makeover starting from his hair to his clothes. Kevin was nervous but his wife, Toni, looked forward to the new experience.

Rachael and Stacy did not disappoint. Kevin took the first cut of his hair in front of the audience. Stacy even suggested he should get rid of the t-shirts and find fitting jeans.
The talented Stacy worked her magic on Kevin. When Kevin showed his new look to the audience moments later, they were all in disbelief. Toni could not believe her eyes.

Kevin’s makeover helped him overcome the grief and painful memories of his mother’s death.

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