Connie Despanie and Benjamin Hall from Louisiana welcomed their new baby boy and they were more than thrilled. The couple decided to name their baby Kingston, but as they were filling out the paperwork, they noticed a mysterious note that stopped them  in their tracks.

Only hours after the couple checked into the hospital, CCTV cameras at Lafayette General Medical Center captured a strange scene. A woman approached the nurse sitting behind a desk in the OB unit, the woman had a note in her hands and she was seen giving some instructions to the nurse before, then leaving right after.

Connie and Benjamin had never met or seen this woman before, so they were very surprised to know that the note was addressed to them. When the nurse who helped in Connie’s labor and delivery handed them the note, they were extremely confused and didn’t know what to think.

Connie’s doctor Jennifer Pugliese watched curiously as the couple read the stranger’s letter. She told CBS News:

“She started reading it silently and she just had tears streaming down her face.”

The woman, later identified as Jamie Fontenot, has been coming to the hospital the days leading to Kingston’s birth, she decided to leave the note to the new parents and when Connie and Benjamin read it, they couldn’t help but feeling emotional and touched by it.

Jamie’s father had passed away the night Kingston  was born, Shortly after his death, Jamie heard an unusual sound come over the hospital’s PA system, and when she realized what was the meaning of it, she knew what she had to do.

The sound was in fact a lullaby that the hospital plays over the speakers every time a new baby is born. It was the first time she had heard the song since her father’s passing, she quickly pulled out a piece of paper and penned a note.

Then she headed to the nurse’s station and asked to deliver the note to the family of this newborn. Although she wanted to stay anonymous, the couple managed to track her down, and what follows left her overcome with emotion.

See how an anonymous note brought two strangers together in the video below – and get ready to feel chills down your spine as you watch this incredible story unfold.

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