Strangers stands up for heartbroken homeless man after city takes away his Christmas tree

Everyone loves to celebrate Christmas, and each has own way to celebrate it, depends on people’s conditions. Some who like to throw a big party inviting hundreds of people while some can only put up a Christmas tree and enjoy this special time of the year.

John is a homeless man living in a tent underneath New Orelans’ Pontchartrain Expressway, he, as everyone else, wanted to make something for himself and create a festive atmosphere as Christmas approaching. So he put up a Christmas tree.

But one day city workers took the tree, which was adorned with lights, and unceremoniously dumped it in their garbage truck. John rushed to the truck, desperately hoping to rescue his beloved tree. Instead, he got to see it get smashed to pieces and destroyed before the garbage truck drove off. According to city officials, John having it on the sidewalk next to his tent was a code violation and that’s why it had to be destroyed.

There are some real-life Scrooges in the world, but few compare to whoever okayed this move. Instead of continuing to share his Christmas joy with his beautiful tree, John returned to his lonely tent.

However, that was not the end of the story. Thanks to social media, word quickly spread about what had happened, and so many in the community were stunned and angered. With crime regularly taking place in the community, as well as other more serious issues, why did the city narrow in on throwing out a Christmas tree that was bringing joy to so many who, sadly, have way too little of it in their lives?

As a result, he received a replacement tree, and as time passed this one became decorated with gorgeous garlands and beautiful ornaments, thanks to those who donated those items. Some even placed presents underneath the tree. When asked why she had placed one there herself, a woman told WDSU, “It’s Christmas.”

City officials have stayed away from this Christmas tree as they apparently realized that the Christmas spirit is more powerful than selecting one particular code violation to enforce and ruin Christmas for so many.

John was later asked what Christmas meant to him, and he simply told WDSU, “Helping others.” He was also asked what he would want for Christmas, and he replied that he’d like more battery-powered lights for his tree and “an old CD boom box” so that he can play Christmas music for all of the people who stop by.

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve seen a Christmas tree put up and decorated?

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