When a strange man showed up at a restaurant patio with a guitar under his arm, no one expected to have their minds blown away in a few minutes’ time. Not until the stranger scratched out a tune on his guitar and this little girl stepped up and started something absolutely incredible. It’s getting too lovely!

The song, “Ave Maria,” by Charles Gounod and Johann Sebastian Bach, is one of the most loved songs of all time, and you might even love it more when a little, hugely talented star decides to give it some good vocals. The girl is none other than the winner of 2013’s Holland’s Got Talent, Amira Willighagen. That tells you something!

Amira is the smart, focused type who doesn’t get distracted by the stares of numerous eyes. She focuses on just singing and making the best of her talent to make people happy. In fact, this performance was completely impromptu. She’s so good!

Watch the whole video as the cute little star takes the spotlight and makes people lose their breaths. You’ll definitely want to SHARE. Just do it!

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