In a harrowing tale of abuse and neglect, the lives of four quadruplet sisters were forever changed when a vigilant teacher noticed a bloodstain on one of their foreheads. This seemingly innocuous discovery set off a chain of events that would lead to the uncovering of a dark secret that had haunted the girls for years.

The concerned teacher immediately contacted the authorities, and the police instructed the brave girl to call her father while they listened in. Shockingly, the father’s irrational anger and hostility towards his own daughter left the police astounded. To ensure her safety, the girl remained at school until late evening when her mother finally arrived to collect her.

As the truth began to unravel, the girls shared chilling accounts of their father’s abusive behavior. One sister recounted how her arm was broken when their father forced her to retrieve a photo from the floor while he deliberately pushed her down. It became clear that their mother, who struggled with various disorders and relied heavily on medication, was unable to protect them.

Tragically, the girls’ already tumultuous world took another devastating turn when their mother left them, promising to return with gifts but never coming back. Left abandoned, the sisters found themselves thrust into the foster care system, seeking solace and stability amidst the chaos

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