Alan Whitton, 50, from Essex, has always been a great place to be with animals. Although he is a life coach by profession, he will shyly admit that he prefers the company of animals.

Last year, Alan had to go through the agony of getting a pet pass. When Tinker was shot, Alan was stunned. His only refuge during this time was his other dog, a Jack Russell mix nicknamed “Mitzy”. After both of them lost a friend, they spent a lot of time together trying to comfort each other. Thanks to this affair, the couple became inseparable.

Essex Live reports that they were out for a walk one day when tragedy struck for poor Mitzi. Mitzi got off her leash and started running in an attempt to escape an attacking dog. Alan watched in horror as his best friend fled from sight. He searched for hours but saw no sign of the pup.

As soon as night fell, Alan had to go home, vowing to return first thing in the morning. Alan sighs as he recounts the story: “I couldn’t imagine giving up…I felt like I was cheating on her. But it was late and I knew there was nothing more I could do that night. so badly that he left her.”

Alan didn’t get much sleep that night. He recalled: “It was such a cold night, I thought it wouldn’t work. It’s too small.” The next morning, they continued the search but found no trace of the little companion. He roamed the area with questions and posters, calling his phone to ring with good news. Gradually, his hope faded.

A few days later, Alan received a call. But it wasn’t immediately good news. Alan says: “My phone rang and it was a local dog walker. She told me she wasn’t sure if there was anything but there was an old foxhole that her dog was sniffling.”

Maybe it was worth checking out. I had to follow her, so I immediately jumped into my car. As soon as Alan reached the area, he immediately knew he had found Mitzi. He heard the barking of his close friend. But he didn’t know exactly where she was, or if she was hurt, he crawled on his knees until he found the right lane.

Strangers began to gather and help dig the ground. They took shovels and got to work. It was a difficult process, but they finally managed to get the dog out of the ground unharmed.

Everyone applauded. Alan fell to his knees, hugging the little dog tightly to his chest. “I fell apart instantly,” he said, “only joy. Comfort. I lost hope but it was overwhelming. It was a nightmare that turned into a Christmas miracle .”

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