On March 16, Jessica grows impatient and is overwhelmed with her duties as a parent. Her two-year-old daughter needed to be cared for, her house needed cleaning, and her son with special needs had a temper tantrum.

If you are a parent, you can understand his struggle. Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything when you have kids. Little did Jessica know the unexpected source was about to change her day!

The hero who brought happiness to his day was called Robert. Robert was an Internet technician assigned to come to her house and help her install a service using Spectrum Internet. After her visit, Jessica decided to write about her experience with the company on social media.

The post immediately went viral and raved about the hearts of people around the world. Jessica wrote about how Robert arrived home to start streaming home TV. But when Robert arrived, the family was in a mess. Her disabled son, Sailor, is only three years old, but was born with an extremely rare distinct brain abnormality. And the seas are blind.

Due to his condition, Sailor finds it difficult to describe to his mother what he needs or wants, and because of this, he has been crying all day. Jessica was trying to take care of Sailor while taking care of her young daughter and taking care of household chores.

It seemed like a daunting task and the day was getting harder for Jessica. But things changed when Robert entered their house. The sailor saw the man and immediately ran towards him, seeking affection. Robert appreciated this gesture and immediately took the boy to hold him.

This wonderful display of affection continued throughout Robert’s visit, and even managed to make the boy stop crying!

Jessica was able to do some work around the house while Robert calmed the seas. Jessica knew babysitting wasn’t part of Robert’s job description as an internet technician, but she was grateful for the kind gesture. Robert’s customer service had to go above and beyond for this family on a day when they needed it most.

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