Dealing with kids especially teens can be an uphill task for adults. For example, you can imagine the frustration of a determined teacher who has to put up with teenage classroom noisemakers every day. It’s both infuriating and ultimately draining. But there’s always “a way!”

This story is breaking the internet with its hilarious plot. It’s about this dad who couldn’t let his teenage son continue troubling the physics teacher any more. When Brad senior kept getting emails and calls from Brad junior’s teacher complaining about the son’s noisemaking in class, the pastor from Rockwall, Texas, needed to do something.

He told his son that if he didn’t stop his bad behaviors in class, the dad would’ve to accompany him and sit right beside him during the lessons. Well, let’s just say the 17-year-old didn’t take the warning so seriously. What happened next is unbelievable!

Brad’s sister, Molli, texted a photo of her dad sitting next to Brad as he did what he was supposed to be doing in class: studying. The text turned into a tweet that thousands of people have liked

You’ll have to watch this clip to see what the cool dad did next. This story is now generating lots of talk on the internet. Kudos, Brad senior!

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