Bullying is a major issue that has been affecting many in the world today. Some people should understand that it’s totally unacceptable to insult and mock others because of the way they look. When we came across this story, we felt the urge to share it with you so we can help raise awareness and stop the bullying.

Austin Niehus, is a teen who was born with Goldenhar Syndrome, a very rare condition that causes a craniofacial birth defect of the face and head. The ear, nose, lip and mandible are not developing which remarkably effects a person’s physical appearance. By the age of just 14, Austin had already undergone 52 corrective surgeries, but his family always stood by his side, supporting him and giving him the love he needs. Austin is a friendly, smart and gentle boy, but some people don’t see the good characteristics he has and only look at his different appearance. Sadly, Austin became the victim of cruel bullying at young age.

Austin was constantly abused and mocked, he felt isolated from other kids at school. He always wished to have friends and always looked to meet other people with Goldenhar Syndrome – but it’s such a rare affliction that he knew chances were slim to none.

But soon, everything would change…

In the video below, the cameras are rolling as 15-year-old Austin expects a very special visitor at his home in snowy Colorado. As the stranger’s car pulls up the driveway, Austin eagerly peers out the window and calls for his mom, Kera, and his two siblings. “They’re here!” the Niehus family screams. “Oh my God! Here she comes, here she comes!” What follows is a truly heartwarming meeting between two people who desperately need to make this connection… and it couldn’t be more perfect.

It breaks our hearts to know what Austin goes through due to his condition. How can people find their enjoyment in picking on others.

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