Teenage Boy Caught on Camera Walking Elderly Blind Woman Across the Street

Many do a good deed, and it goes unnoticed. This is okay because not all good deeds deserve a round of applause. People do good deeds because they want to help someone, and most people do not seek recognition or reward and, in fact, maybe ashamed of it. However, when we see a young person disinterestedly do something to help another person, we must admit it, because, above all, kids these days get a lot of flack for supposedly not being respectful. But also, when you praise and notice a child’s good deed, he is more likely to repeat it. When they are praised, they feel good, and they quickly notice that helping others is good too.

Two high school students from Cincinnati, Ohio named Diamond and Dontarius Caldwell made headlines when they were caught doing something miraculous for a blind elderly woman. The brothers were waiting at the bus stop when Diamond looked up to see an elderly woman having trouble pressing the crosswalk button. Diamond quickly realized that the old woman might be blind, so she told her brother to “get up and help her.” Dontarius, who was probably used to being ordered to do something by his sister and mother, did not hesitate a moment.


A 15-year-old teenager went to help a woman and asked if she needed help and asked, “Ma’am, do you need help?” When the woman told the young man that she really needed help, she shook Dontarius’s hand, and he held it as they crossed the street together. What Diamond and Dontarius didn’t know was that a stranger named Mike Graribay was passing by. When he saw what the teenager was doing, he took a quick photo with his smartphone, which he later shared on Facebook.


The photo quickly went viral for all the right reasons. These young people deserve recognition, and I want to say this: their mother. Obviously, she taught these children to be kind and caring and respect their elders. This should remind all of us that these good deeds are constantly happening around us if we pay attention to them carefully. Watch this heartwarming video below.



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