The Woman Opens An Emergency Exit And Walks On The Wing Of The Plane.

Waiting to get off the plane after landing is often frustrating. You can’t wait to stretch your legs. A woman from Ukraine decided not to wait and opened an emergency exit before going to the wings of the plane to catch her breath. It is not every day that you see a passenger walking along an airplane wing.

The airport staff at a Ukraine airport were shocked to see a woman open the emergency exit and walk out onto the Boeing 737’s wing. The mother-of-two later told staff that she felt “too hot” inside the plane, and had decided to cool off outside the plane.

The woman was returning to Ukraine after holidaying in Turkey when she decided to use the emergency exit on the Boeing 737-86N to ‘get some air.’ She was allegedly seated by the tail of the plane and had walked all the way to the middle, before exiting the plane via the emergency exit, onto the plane’s wings. The plane had only just landed in Kyiv that had arrived from Antalya. She had been on a holiday along with her husband and two children.

On being alerted to the situation, the pilot called for an ambulance, police, and border guards to handle the situation. The incident was filmed by at the airport and shows the woman standing on the plane’s wing before a staff member on the plane requests her to return to her seat as passengers prepared to disembark the plane. The incident sparked a security alert and had staff scrambling to get the woman back inside the plane. The woman seemed unperturbed by the events and was found casually chilling on the plane’s wing.

“The aircraft landed and almost all the passengers got off. She walked almost all the way from the tail to the emergency exit row, opened the door,

and went out,” said a fellow passenger. The fellow traveler claimed the woman’s two children had already exited the plane along with the other passengers and were surprised to see their mother on the wing of the plane. When the commotion called attention to the plane of the wing, one of the woman’s two children exclaimed, “That’s our Mom.” Ukraine International Airlines, the plane service, confirmed that the woman had now been banned from flying with them.

A staff member can be seen speaking to her, urging her to return to the seating area from the plane. She finally decides to go inside, to the relief of the plane’s crew. When questioned why she opened the emergency exit and walked on the plane’s wing, she claimed it was “too hot” inside. The mother-of-two gave no other explanation to the authorities, leaving them confused. The authorities also had the woman take tests to confirm is she was under the influence but the tests revealed wasn’t drunk or on drugs at the time. “The passenger was blacklisted for gross violation of aviation safety rules and behavior onboard,” read a statement released by Ukraine International Airlines. Boryspil Airport in Kyiv confirmed the incident to the local media. The Ukraine International Airlines flight from Antalya had landed at the Boryspil Airport.



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