Third grader spends 15 months in hospital fighting cancer – Hundreds give her warm welcome back to school

Bridget Kelly is one smart little girl who loves going to school every day. And when she had to stay overnight in the hospital, she felt sad that she’s going to miss her classes. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen for once, Bridget’s health condition obliged her to stay at the hospital for more than a year.

In the fall of 2016, she has just started her second grade at Merrymount Elementary School in Quincy, Massachustess, Bridget’s parents took her to Boston Chidlren’s Hospital so doctors will check an enlarged tonsil. An MRI was done and revealed a mush serious problem. It turned out that Bridgit has acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and she had to be admitted right away.


Little Bridgit didn’t leave her hospital room for the next 15 months. Staying in virtual isolation and taking treatments to fight the cancer along with chemotherapy sessions, operations and a stem cell transplant from her little sister.

Neighbors and family’s friends supported and encouraged the little girl during her difficult journey by delivering meals to the family and organizing fundraisers to help offset the costs of the treatments, as well as for cancer organizations.


Bridget’s parents knew exactly how school and friends means to their little daughter, so they assured to help her keep up with schoolwork. This helped her feel not much different from her classmates and gave her confidence that she will reunite with her friends at school once the treatment is successfully completed.


The special day has finally come. On January 2, Bridgit was able to go back to her natural life. and to make sure she will celebrate this moment, a family friend helped organize a huge “welcome wagon” that drew more than 100, including children, parents and even local law-enforcement officers.


“It’s not a regular old day,” said Kristin Healy, who helped organize the celebration. “There’s a chance Bridget could have lost her battle, and she didn’t.”


“The community and the PTO and the school has been so supportive along the way, they’ve been really helpful, so this is really nice. It’s heartwarming,” said her mom, Megan.

We congratulate Bridgit for beating cancer, and we thank her community for staying by the Kelley family’s side during such a trying ordeal.

Watch the beautiful reception Bridget received in the video below.

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