Tough cop meets two brothers abused in their foster home, takes immediate action and becomes their dad

When the two brothers did not show up for their boxing practice, Detective Jack Moore became concerned. Josh and Jesse are common faces at the City Boxing Gym where the detective volunteers. The center is a second home for the underprivileged kids where they learn about sports.

When the boys suddenly stopped coming to the gym without notice, the detective made a follow-up. He knew the boys were foster kids and suspected something was amiss.

Detective Mook discovered the boys were abused and neglected by their foster parents.  He decided to take matters into his hands. He took the boys in and became their foster dad.

Two years later, Mook legally adopted the boys. It was a difficult decision to make. The three are a small happy family.  However, parenthood has presented new challenges to the bachelor, but he does not mind having the boys around.

Watch the video below and see how life turned out to be and let us know your views by commenting in the section below.

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