“An Empty Apartment”

When the officers eventually located the young girl’s residence, they were taken aback by the sight before them. A single mother was shouldering the responsibility of caring for six children all on her own, with minimal assistance from the social system or her community.

According to POLICE Magazine, the mother had recently separated from an abusive partner, sacrificing basic comforts in exchange for safety. Despite the family treasuring the tranquility of their Dallas apartment, it remained devoid of any possessions that would make it feel like a true home.

The officers expressed disbelief that the family had endured a whole month in such conditions. The apartment was, quite literally, empty. They lacked even basic items like plates; the mother resorted to washing styrofoam plates to make them last until she could afford new ones.

A Fundraiser Led by the Police

Both officers considered aiding their community an integral part of their duty. Unfortunately, the Dallas Police Department lacked a dedicated budget for families in need. Consequently, when Officers McIntyre and Pesina wanted to assist the mother, they took matters into their own hands.

The two partners initiated a fundraising effort and appealed to fellow department members for contributions. Surprisingly, many officers were willing to dig into their own pockets. Eventually, the collective effort enabled them to acquire furniture, mattresses, and other essentials that the family was in dire need of

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