What Would You Do is a powerful TV segment that demonstrates various issues that affect our society. Parenting is not easy. There are different ways of punishing children; while some are harmless, they can be controversial.

What Would You Do instructed a female actress to spray water on “her” children’s faces during grocery shopping. The children would do something naughty and get their faces sprayed.

The experiment elicited mixed reactions from the other shoppers. One grandma thought it was cruel and even suggested a better way of disciplining the children.

At some point, the kids open a box of cookies and start eating them in the aisle. Mom steps up and sprays their faces.

Some shoppers supported the mom. One of them even suggested they should be sprayed since they were acting like animals. Others felt it was cruel since it was a technique used to discipline unruly animals.

Animal trainers use the water- spray technique to instill discipline to dogs and animals. It works effectively since the animals hate water in their eyes and faces. However, one woman reaction’s and response shocked many.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think.

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