A vegan from Perth, Australia named Cilla Carden has taken legal action against her meat-eating neighbors for attending a backyard barbecue. According to Karden, being in her yard became unbearable due to the smell of grilled meat and cigarettes, prompting her to crack down. She also complained that the neighbors’ children were running and playing outside. Speaking to 9News, she said: “It was devastated, it was a disruption, it was a disruption, I couldn’t sleep.”

Cardin’s case, however, was not convincing and was thrown out by the state administrative court. One of her neighbors, who wanted to remain anonymous, said her demands had “proved unreasonable and were in fact at the expense of other owners’ ability to enjoy their things in a reasonable and acceptable manner”.

But Karden was determined to stop at nothing to regain her composure. Not only did she sue them again, but this time she also asked the neighboring families to dim the yard lighting, keep their pets quiet, and stop putting so many plants in the communal garden.

Her appeal on March 29 of this year was dismissed on July 29 by Chief Justice Peter Quinlan. He said the 400 pages of evidence were “well above anything which might be thought to fit the cases”.

According to the court, allowing children to play in the yard “was not a reasonable inconvenience.”

Now, even one family has banned their kids from playing basketball and moved their barbecue party, Carden is still unhappy and plans to take additional legal action.

Since then, however, there’s an event called “Community BBQ for Cilla Carden,” asking people in the area to “join us for a community barbecue, and help Cilla Carden get some roasts on her fork.” Don’t let Sheila destroy a good old Australian tradition, add the event creators.

As reported by Daily Mail Australia, the massage therapist has now instructed her lawyer to act after organizing a Facebook event at her home.

More than 2,300 people responded to the event, scheduled for Saturday, October 19 at 3 p.m., saying they would attend — while 6,200 people said they were “interested” in coming.

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