Veteran can’t afford to pay his baby’s food – then poor woman lining up behind overhears everything

Over 1.7 American military veterans live on food stamps. They’re needy people. Some of them have health issues too. These are people who gave up the luxuries of normal lives and went out of their way to fight for and protect the country and everyone in it. They deserve utmost respect!

Various people have their own ways of thanking these good people, and this clip here captures one of those moments a veteran gets to experience the kindness and appreciation of the American citizenry. I took one look at this and fell flat-out in love!

The clip was actually recorded by “What Would You Do,” a show run by ABC. It features people being put in position where they have to make a decision to either help someone or standby. The clip here shows a veteran who couldn’t afford to foot his bill in a food store. When some people see and notice him, they immediately turn into his little miracle!

I like this! Watch the full clip to grasp the full concept.

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