Veteran receives amber alert on his phone while driving, looks up and sees vehicle right in front of him

I think most of us are accustomed with the AMBER Alerts on our mobile phones, in that we sometimes don’t read the message it holds. And when we read the message of a missing kid, the license plate number of the vehicle and the state, we don’t take interest at all yet we can be the ones who will be the first one to spot the vehicle being looked for. Because of the lack of interest from our part, many cases are not solved in time.

When one man received the AMBER Alert, he was able to give the police a clue to rescue a kidnapped kid.

A girl named Brooklynne Enix, of two years was kidnapped by her dad, Tyler Enix, in Knoxville, TN. The dad, was suspected to have killed his ex-wife named Kimberly and abducted her daughter then started fleeing. But when a vetean by the name of Steve Adams, received the AMBER Alert while at Ohio, which is two states away from where the horrible incident happened, he was able to recognize the black Chevy Impala with Tennessee license plates.

He quickly called 911 to tell the police that the car was ahead of him. He followed the cat for about 20 minutes, till the police came by and arrested Tyler.

The AMBER Alert system started in 1996, and till now, more than 800 kids have been saved thanks to it.

Watch the report news about this terrifying incident in the video below:

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