Communication is not limited to just words. Babies can communicate through various methods like dance, sign language, and facial expressions. In fact, babies can learn these techniques even before they can form sentences verbally. A recent video captured a heartwarming conversation between a grandmother and her grandson, where the baby babbles answers to the questions that his grandma asks in his own language.

The baby, sitting on his grandma’s lap, looks directly at her and begins to jabber away when asked about his day. The conversation continues as grandma asks the baby boy about random topics, and he responds in his own language. At one point, when she asks him about snow machines, he goes into a long monologue in response to her question, clearly fascinated by the topic.

Despite not understanding each other’s words, the grandma engages with the baby and shows genuine interest in what he is saying. This conversation is a great way for children to learn the concept of speech, as they pick up on facial expressions, tone of voice, and verbal synchrony.

Although the baby in the video was born in 1997 and the grandma passed away in 2009, the lessons she taught him through their conversations will forever be evident in his ability to communicate effectively. The video is a touching reminder that communication goes beyond words, and that meaningful connections can be made through simple acts of engagement and attentiveness

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