Trika Engelman did not have an easy childhood. She is the youngest of 11 siblings and her mother died when she was just six, according to Metro. Although the loss of their mother hurt the Engelman family deeply, they always cared about each other and did their best to make their unconventional situation work.

All images have been used with the express permission of Treka Engleman
Trika knew she wanted to be with children who lost their parents when she was growing up.

That’s why she applied to be a foster mom when she was 21. In her request, Trika chose not to make any request to a child of a particular race. Instead, she just wanted to be there for any young man who needed her, as shown here on The Atlanta Black Star.

All images have been used with the express permission of Treka Engleman
According to the Atlanta Black Star, a five-day-old baby named Elijah was placed in Trika’s care. Trika took care of him as if he were her own person. Later, two sisters named Mercedes and Alexis are placed in Trika’s loving home.

All images have been used with the express permission of Treka Engleman
The little family lived together wonderfully and Trika felt nothing but maternal love for her three adopted children. However, this family was unusual in the eyes of many. While Trika is African American, Elijah, Mercedes, and Alexis are of Caucasian ancestry.

“Yes, I’ve had my share of stares in public, but we keep walking undisturbed,” she wrote in Love What Matters. “People asked me, ‘Oh, do you babysit? “And my answer was no, they’re my kids. No questions. I’m not saying ‘adopted kids’, I’m saying my kids. Because that’s who they are and always will be.”

“Love has no color in my house and they are loved unconditionally,” Trika added.

Last year, Trika was thrilled when she legally adopted her three children.

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