It turns out that laying her head down while washing it in the living room sink probably caused an artery to rupture in her neck. It is a rare disease, but it has a name – “beauty salon stroke syndrome”.

Doctors say maneuvering the neck into an awkward position for a long time, such as in a sink, can cause a stroke at any age.

“It’s not due to pressure on the artery cutting off blood supply to the brain, but rather a small tear in the wall of the spinal arteries that runs from the back of the neck to the base,” explained neurologist Peter. Humphrey from the Walton Center for Neurology and Neurosurgery in Liverpool. For clots to form on the torn, rough and irregular area, break off and travel to the brain to cause a stroke.

The doctor said washing their hair in the salon wasn’t the only person who could put themselves at risk. People with almost all neck injuries are at higher risk and should be careful not to put their necks in awkward positions for long periods of time. Even people who hold the phone between their head and shoulder for long periods of time can be at risk.

To avoid such danger in the living room, doctors recommend raising the head so that it is tilted no more than 20 degrees in the pelvis. Or face the sink and wash your hair that way.

It should also be noted that many salons have special sinks to avoid placing the neck in lying positions that can cause damage. But if you feel your neck is tight, please let the salon employee know and adjust your posture!

For Elizabeth, the stroke paralyzed one side of her face, and two years later she still had problems with balance and vision.

CBS recently interviewed the single mother of two and told her disturbing story. This is a cautionary tale that everyone should hear!

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