Woman Struggles To Get In Car On Icy Driveway, But It’s Mom’s Uncontrollable Laugh That Steals The Show

You’re not even trying to dispute it: Winter storms can be pretty nasty. Sometimes it can render you technically “immobile,” just like what happened to this daughter. There’s a reason this video is breaking the internet, and you want to know!

This happened in Canada, and Caroline Charter uploaded the video that’s got everyone cracking up really hard. It features her dad trying to help her sister, Suzanne, get to her car. Suzanne’s Sorel boots don’t seem to help much. But that’s not what infecting people with so much laughter. It’s mom!

Watching the dad and Suzanne as they struggle to keep their balance on the ice, mom just can’t hold her laughter anymore. She breaks into a bout of hilarious laughter that’s sure to get you giggling right away. It’s just so infectious that they even put her laughter as a ringtone on iTunes! It is moments like this that strengthen the family bond, what do you think?

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