Woman Visits Lion She Rescued Years Ago. What He Does Will Give You All The Feels

I have read a few amazing stories about lions, but the story of the Biblical Daniel is my favorite. Daniel was cast into a den of lions by the king. Everyone thought the lions would eat up Daniel. However, the lions did not cause any harm to the humble servant of the Lord.

Such stories are hard to believe. We all know how dangerous lions are; nobody in their right mind would risk messing with the lion.

One woman found a lion that was almost dying. She took care of the animal until he was back on his feet. The woman also took the lion to the zoo where he was looked after until he fully recovered. The lion found a new home in the zoo.

Days went by, and the woman decided to visit the lion at the zoo. The rescued lion remembered her savior and offered the most unexpected welcome. The lion jumped in an attempt to greet the woman. Despite the cage between them, the lion tried to hug the woman.

Do you think the lion recognized the woman?

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