It happened to a disabled freelance writer named Melissa Blake. She’s an Illinois blogger who faced a huge backlash after posting a political tweet expressing her views. However, as trolls do, the insults become based on her appearance rather than her personal thoughts.

According to the BBC, Melissa has been criticized for her appearance in several disturbing ways. Some described her as “ugly”, “fat” and even as a “puffer fish” which she posted on social media.

With many people shutting down their social media after facing such hurtful insults, Melissa decided to respond in an unusual way. She posted selfies while shouting at trolls.

During the last round of Trollgate, people said I should stop posting pictures of myself because I’m so ugly. So I just want to greet the occasion with these three selfies… 📸😉👋🏻

— Melissa Blake (@melissablake) September 7, 2019
Melissa said many followers have said she should stop posting just because they think she’s “too ugly.” So, for their reference, Melissa posted some cute selfies. We salute his courage! His latest tweet went viral and got 227,000 likes. It has since been retweeted more than 18,000 times.

Melissa said she wouldn’t let the trolls get to her no matter what. She also mentioned that if they told her she shouldn’t do something, she would turn around and do just that.

Hello!! I woke up 26,000 subscribers and requested a BBC interview and an email to a book publisher!!

Is this the reality?? I mean, I know this is real life because I have an opening date today, but…wow!!! 🎉🥰💋

— Melissa Blake (@melissablake) September 9, 2019
Since then, Melissa has been inundated with hundreds of positive messages of support. She was overwhelmed by the response to her tweet and posted a thank you note to her lovely followers.

In another tweet, Melissa wrote that she woke up to an interview request from the BBC, an email from a well-known book publisher and an incredible 26,000 followers.

The first and most recent selfie on my phone is a painting of our times…

I vote for HillaryClinton in 2016 full of optimism against me in 2019 full of despair Deer in the headlights…

Melissa Blake (@melissablake) September 2, 2019
If you’re interested in what Melissa writes, be sure to check it out. She not only writes political articles, but also talks about disability, pop culture, relationships, and more. It’s even been featured on sites like Cosmopolitan and CNN. We love that Melissa has such strong self-esteem that she isn’t hurt by the comments.


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